I am currently executing the exercises from Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 5th Edition (Bill Burke and Richard Monson-Haefel, O'Reilly 2006) on Sun Application Server / Glassfish and Oracle XE. I report the differences I found here. Finally I also made available the exercises, adapted for Sun Application Server.

Workbook 2
Workbook 3
Workbook 4
Workbook 5
Workbook 6
Workbook 7
Workbook 8
Workbook 9
Workbook 10
Workbook 11
Workbook 12
Workbook 13
Workbook 14
Workbook 15

The Exercises as adapted for Sun Application Server.

Bugs and Features of Sun Application Server / GlassFish / Toplink and Oracle compared to the JBoss configuration as used in the book.
Remarks on te Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 book (O'Reilly).

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